Quack Medicine Bottles

I have now included a section devoted to information about and images of all varieties of antique bottles & glass; especially so called “Quack Medicines” that were so readily available throughout the 19th century and beyond. A prescription in the 1800s was no more than a recipe that was provided to an apothecary for mixing [...]

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Liberty & Justice

Antiques come in all shapes and sizes: From the sublime to the horrific, they’re all part of one big happy family. My favorite antiques are usually the strangest ones of the lot. The teapot shown here is in a category that I avoid. Of course, pieces like this had their predecessors, as can be seen [...]

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Cranberry Glass

ANTIQUES. I used to think that antiques were unusual things that people collect; however, I’ve noticed that antiques are actually something that collects groups of unusual people. The definition of, and the word “antique” has been processed and re-defined so many times, that it has lost its meaning. Some people say that 25 years old [...]

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Weather Images

Weather images are among my favorites. I especially like trying to catch images of lightning. The capture of a great lightning stroke is very satisfying, especially because it takes some preparation and experimentation. Not to be confused with sunsets, which I have categorized separately, weather images could include anything from tornadoes to macro images of [...]