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ANTIQUES. I used to think that antiques were unusual things that people collect; however, I’ve noticed that antiques are actually something that collects groups of unusual people.

The definition of, and the word “antique” has been processed and re-defined so many times, that it has lost its meaning. Some people say that 25 years old makes something antique. Some will claim that an antique must be 100 years old. Some people, especially interior designers and members of the the nouveau-riche, will even overlook the fact that much of what is on the market now is essentially NEW! So; break out your blow-torches and chains: It’s time to make some antiques!

Be that as it may, the collectors and dealers of antique items are as wide in girth as the definition of that which is antique. The antiques business itself is replete with outsiders, eccentrics and sociopaths. Those who make income or spend a good deal of income on antiques are obsessive by nature. I guess this is why I have always been attracted to this field of interest. This may sound self-deprecating, but it remains a mystical and fascinating topic to me and millions of others.

An attempt is being made here to categorize the different varieties of antiques as they fit in with my view of the whole messy business. Click on sub-categories to see more.

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