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Antiques come in all shapes and sizes: From the sublime to the horrific, they’re all part of one big happy family. My favorite antiques are usually the strangest ones of the lot.

The teapot shown here is in a category that I avoid. Of course, pieces like this had their predecessors, as can be seen in the “grotesque” pottery of the southern United States, especially North Carolina. The grotesque pottery consisted mainly of handcrafted jugs and crocks. Grotesque wares of all types can be traced back one more step to the grotesque utilitarian ware of the 18th century. If one wanders WAY back in time, prehistoric items contained grotesque elements as well. Since the dawn of mankind, it’s pretty obvious that we all need something hideous in our day to cheer us up. Humor is the best medicine, and in this case, the Cure.

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